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  • Software Cannot Be Installed.
    1. Install software by another laptop;
    2. Operation systems not the Win7/Win8/Win 10 and XP SP3;
    3. iLink software have to be install in laptop;
    4. Remove software and re-install again.

  • What ECU Can Use Speedtuning Super Software?
    There is only RC/RS Super series ECU can be used SpeedTuning Super software.

  • I Don't Know Where The Series Number Is, When I Install The SpeedTuning Software.
    There is a series number of sliver tag on the ECU warranty card.

  • What Is Meaning Of Level 1/2/3 In The Speedtuning Opening?
    Level 1, Basic engine parameters can be tuned;
    Level 2, major engine parameters can be tuned, we recommend you start tuning from this level;
    Level 3, very detail engine parameters can be tuned.

  • It Cannot Link With ECU.
    1. you don't click the link icon on the speedtuning;
    2. iLink driver don't install, please re-install speedtuning;
    3. If you cannot click the link icon on the speedtuning, maybe the iLink cable was damaged;
    4. If you employed 1 to 4 extend cable, maybe the 1 to 4 extend cable was damaged;
    5. The power of bike not be switched to on;
    6. If the ECU is RC2, please make sure you had switch it to communication mode;
    7. If you make sure you switch to communication mode already, please check the iLink again;
    8. You may can link to ECU by Quickburn to test the link issue;
    You cannot upload the engine parameters to speedtuning when you tuning. 
    Please check you the status of Speedtuning that switch to AutoTune or not, if yes, please turn it off.

  • The Stock Dashboard Cannot Work With RC2 ECU (Old aRacer ECU Have Two Pins Connector).
    Please make sure you already switch the ECU to dashboard display mode.

  • I Cannot Find The Log Data By ECU Memory Control.
    The default log file saving location is in
    C:\Program Files (x86)\aRacer Tools\LogSave 
    or you can save as to other location.

  • It Is Hard To Start The Engine Today, But It Has No This Issues Yesterday.
    1. First have to check the fuel injection and ignition are working well;
    2. Please make sure the sof and amp/amr/ams file are the suitable for your bike;
    3. If you are the first time to start engine with aRacer ECU, please make sure you already key on for a while and key off for ten seconds to reset the ECU;
    4. If you can start engine with a little open the throttle, maybe the fuel of the cold start have to be tuned;
    5. Please link with the laptop by iLink, open the speedtuning and check the parameter Miss_CRK_Cnt(Crank missing counter) have increase, if yes, you have to follow solution of crank missing count.

  • The Motorcycle Engine Cannot Running Well, The Miss_CRK_Cnt) Is Continue To Increase.
    1. The gap between crank sensor and tooth is incorrect, the spec is 0.5~1.1mm;
    2. Generator rotor have to be tooled, have to change it;
    3. Regulator damage, you can plug off the regulator to try it;
    4. If you change the main wire harness, it may happen the wire in the crank sensor connector are reversed;
    5. Flash to wrong sof file may cause the coil or ECU damage, please make sure the sof you flash is suitable for your motorcycle;
    6. Please check the intake and exhaust valve clearance is suitable.

  • Idle RPM Is Too High After Engine Starts.
    1. If you saw the "ISC air flow" in speedtuning is too big(normal is 20~40), you can follow below step to fix it:
    1.1 Re flash the SOF and AMS/AMP file in speedtuning;
    1.2 When engine key on, turn off and turn on 10 times in 15 seconds and key off the engine; 
    2. If the "ISC air flow" in speedtuning is too small, maybe the intake air have leak air, please check the throttle body, intake manifold, you can use the throttle body cleaner to spay on all the intake area, if the idle rpm change suddenly, it is mean the intake leak air, please fix it.

  • Knock Happen.
    1. You can follow this way to check the engine sound is a really knock. Fill in 15°CA spark angle in D2Race_SA_Power and D3SA_Base, check the engine sound is still exist or not. If the engine sound is still happen, the sound may cause by the engine parts issues;
    2. If the knock is happen in acceleration, you have to lower the spark angle in D3SA_Base, if the knock is happen in wide open throttle, you have to lower the spark angle in D2Race_SA_Power.

  • The Engine Is A Little Delay When Motorcycle Acceleration.
    1. Normally, the fuel in D3Cyl_VM maybe have not tuned well, the acceleration will cause the intake pressure close 100kpa, so the fuel in this area have to be tuned well;
    2. If the fuel in D3Cyl_VM is tuned well, you can adjust the fuel in acceleration.

  • Malf function Light On.
    1. Please link with laptop by iLink to check what is the malf code and fix it;
    2. If you have iMode you can link with iMode to check what is the malf code;
    3. Key on and key off 3 time in 3 seconds, you can see the malf code.

  • SpeedTuning Shows The PID Version Wrong.
    Please make sure the amp file is correct for your motorcycle.

  • SMART APP Issues:
    1. SMART APP cannot link:
    - Please make sure have any device link with bLink;
    - Please make sure the ECU and bLink have power;
    Please make sure the version of your phone in IOS is over 10.0, in Android is over 5.0;
    bLink have several version, if you cannot link with app, please try to flash other bLink firmware by bLink flash tool(in download ofoffice website);
    Make sure the version of ECU and app are all newest;
    Please try to uninstall the app, off power the smart phone, re download again, also off power the motorcycle for ten seconds.
    2. iPhone cannot find the bLink:
    Please go to setting of IOS, enable the Bluetooth function, and setting the link on the aRacer SMART app;
    Please make sure there is no any device already link with bLink.
    3. Data monitor will suddenly stop:
    Please update the SMART app to Ver. 1.8 in IOS or Ver. 2.5 in Android;
    Try to change the bLink location, maybe some interference from coil, regulator…etc.
    4. ECU firmware version is too old when you link with app:
    Please back to the shop you bought it, and update it to the latest version, link with data base of cloud and re flash it, all tuning data will be gone and cannot recovery.
    5. Autotune won’t work:
    - If you enable the Autotune, the Autotune will correct other fuel table inside ECU, so you won’t see it how many it correct; 
    - Autotune operation condition: engine temperature already warm up, no malf code, regular Baro and install a work well AF1 wideband AFR module;
    - Autotune process are as below:
    a. Enable AT function;
    b. After warm up, riding the bike, ECU will correct the fuel, and reach to the target AFR(it is cannot be changed); 
    c. if you feel the bike can run smoothly, please off the power of the bike for ten seconds, ECU will save those correction data; 
    d. On the power of bike again and disable the AT function.
    This is a smart phone list that passed the SMART app testing by aRacer.

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